Part ONE

You've come a long way

and now you reach out for

your goal in life 

even further

beyond your own expectations.


You made your dance and actual

body language your armor and 

hapiness-triggered weapon

to fight against life's constraints (!) 

and global collateral damages

— Humanity as a whole soaked in sweat & blood;

always late for fighting tolerated wars against itself. 






She causes chaos & plays

with the rules, never

compromising with her


constantly drawing her

strength from her

break-dancing troops of moves

— pounding feet & clapping hands

against her heart

beating & racing,

taking off in the air and

defying gravity!


She makes life turn into films...


[On the run,


— knifes in hand,

trying to catch up with her pace —

she stops and turn her head back at them

with piercing eyes, 

forcing them (sad gangsters)

to freeze & turn around

back at her

radiant victorious aura!]



Part 2


When I am told on your

looks, body and features

I say “her nose makes cleopatra

posing in full-frontal 

green with envy”...


Jaws drop.

Big boys' wild heads & necks

know the limits you established.

You make them sit & stay put

as you walk around.

If one moves, they all get punched.


Always geared up

with your self-confidence

in perpetual expansion;

your beauty revolves freely

around it.


And this particular image of you heals my creativity

— as far back as when I just can't write,

and then seeing your smile, your eyes & energy

inspire me once more.


This punctuated poem is meant to be an Ode

rather than a poor sad thank you for saving me

no matter what.


You're no queen, no

princess, no flower nor a color,

you're my muse & incarnate the essence of being a woman.

Header image by Karleener, an artist with a focus on capturing the female essence through movement and portraiture. See more of his work here

About the Author

Jean-Marie Trichot holds a bachelors degree in French Literature and a masters degree in English Linguistics, Literature and Civilization. He is French, but can't help writing in English. Jean-Marie has always been fond of "the study of language" and believes that what he writes the most about is the way that we communicate with ourselves and the world with words aiming at the heart of Life. Follow Jean-Marie's blog here and read more of his work. Also, keep up with his life on instagram