"Never ask permission to express your soul’s desire."

                                                                              -Liz D'Alto

Women were born Wild. The more I explore this the more I am certain it is true. The woman is a creature connected to the essence of life force itself. From the day she is born, she has a gift of playful spirit. Her inner wealth is her intuitiveness. The knowing exists within herself: what is right, what is next, and what is possible… anything at all. Culturally we have chained down that Wild spirit. In recent civilization, amidst the fight for equality,  conformity of the feminine into the masculine paradigm has taken a toll on the gifts of femininity. The sacred ways and spaces of the female have suffered through this process. Femininity has become lethargically detached from its essence, which is not to carry the weight of the world on her shoulders, nor is it to sit quietly with legs crossed. The essence of women, however, is to come into her own power, reign free, wild, bold in sensuality, healing with her compassion and nurturing spirit.

Liz D'alto, Photo Credit: WildSoulMovement.com

Liz D'alto, Photo Credit: WildSoulMovement.com

A conscious league  of women have stepped into this power once again to reinstate this truth and to awaken more women to this liberating realm of womanhood that exists within us all. The goal? To embrace the Wild trapped under a hardened surface and to unleash this energy unabashedly and constantly.

One of these women is Liz D'Alto, Creator of Wild Soul Movement. Liz embraces the Wild feminine and seeks to uplift the feminine spirit with her workshops, E-course, and undoubtedly her very presence.  

I arrived in Liz's class not knowing what to expect but searching for release. By the end, the whole room was dancing their hearts out. It was like the peak of a slumber party when all has been said and everything has been done but the energy for dancing erupts undeniably.

In Liz's class, anything goes-- emotions run free, and the body remembers what it is to be one with the spirit once again. Her class consists of a mixture of meditation, yoga, and dance. Not a dance of intimidating choreography, but rather an invitation to dance in a way that allows you to meet your whole self once again. You are met by a peaceful space held by other women with a similar goal of setting themselves free. "Never ask permission to express your soul’s desire", Liz emphasizes through her very presence, welcoming you to a place where freedom is not only a possibility, it is the Truth. 

Wild Soul Movement can be accessed at home, wherever you may be. With her 12 week video based practice, Liz offers movement, mantra, and meditation to those women who seek to open their heart and accept the challenge of returning to herself. 

Wild Soul Movement is proof that you don't have to ask for permission to play.  In fact it is your responsibility to do so. To color outside of the lines in order to create what wild fantasies within yearn for. 

About Liz D'Alto

Liz DiAlto is a speaker, writer and the creator of Wild Soul Movement, a 12 week online experience of self-discovery that combines movement, meditation and mantra. Her mission is to revolutionize the way women move and nourish their bodies and abolish current body image culture to create new standards for her peers, elders and all the young women and little girls who come after her. She is known for her raw and honest approach to body love and self-acceptance. In 2013, Shape Magazine listed her alongside Dr Oz, Ellen, Jillian Michaels, Tim Ferriss and more as a Top 30 Motivator.



About the Author 

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