Creating, defining yourself is essential to realizing your purpose in life and working towards being the best version of yourself that there is. Michela Aramini from The Lovely It Girl shares her thoughts with us on why everyone needs a personal brand of their own. 


The Lovely It Girl is dedicated to inspiring and empowering you to become the It Girl you were born to be. Personal branding is not about branding yourself as the person you think you should be (who your dream clients/customers/employers/followers want you to be), it’s about branding yourself as the person you were born to be (your best self/your true self/your inner It Girl). It’s a process of self-discovery and self-love and is only for the bold, beautiful and brilliant who aren’t willing to settle for anything less than a life they truly love.

Here’s my list of the top five reasons why every It Girl needs a personal brand:


Your clique of personal brand cheerleaders is attracted to you for the It Girl you are, not who you think you should be. One thing all powerful personal brands have in common is that they are unapologetically authentic (think: Leandra Medine of The Man Repeller). They are people who know “It” and own “It,” and let their inner It Girls shine through all they do. The first step to inside-out personal branding is to discover the It Girl you were born to be (not the one you think you should be… trust me there’s a huge difference!). What does it feel like to wake up everyday as her? How would her best friends describe her? What are her beliefs and values? Just a few questions to get you started!



Your personal brand gives you the freedom to create a personal and professional life you love from the inside out. It’s not about turning your passion into your profession, but rather creating a personal brand that blends your passions, purpose and prowess (your “It”). This requires you to tap into your inner alchemist. How can you creatively combine your passions (what you love to do), your purpose (how you love to serve others), and your prowess (your natural talents or acquired skills)? 



Do you ever feel like you’re chasing the next job or next client? Constantly “selling yourself” but never connecting with the right people? Doing what you love definitely requires a hustle but when you are connecting with the right people who love what you do (your Clique) the hustle becomes an exciting adventure that you will fall in love with instead of dread. The key to connecting with your Clique is confidence and conviction in your “It” (your unique intrinsic value), which is at the heart of your personal brand. When you know your unique intrinsic value  (hint: knowing is more powerful than believing), you can clearly communicate “It” across all of your online and offline personal brand touch points. The result? Your Clique will be organically attracted to you (read: new followers, blog subscribers, clients, etc.)!



In the online world we live and work in, the unfortunate truth is that anyone can imitate your product or service. But no one can imitate YOU. When you create a personal brand that is bespoke to you and clearly communicates your “It” you become irreplaceable. But as confident as we may be in our convictions, we all compare ourselves to our competition. Comparison can be incredibly poisonous, especially when it leads to jealousy and limiting beliefs like “I’m not good enough.” But you can use comparison to your advantage by asking yourself what exactly you love about the person you are comparing yourself to. By focusing on what you love (maybe it’s their beautiful website design or their positive demeanor), you can let that guide your personal brand priorities (areas of your personal brand you’d like to focus on).



Your personal brand is your platform to share your message with the world and create something bigger than yourself. When you successfully communicate your “It” and attract your Clique of social media followers and email subscribers, your personal brand becomes your personal platform to communicate your message and mission to the world. Everyone wants to be part of something bigger than themselves, so instead of inviting people to “Like” or “Follow” you, invite them to join your movement and be a part of your Clique. Use FOMO to your advantage by creating a movement that people won’t want to miss out on!


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About the Author 

Michela Aramini is the owner of The Lovely It Girl, a personal brand consulting boutique in New York dedicated to inspiring and empowering you to become the bold, beautiful, brilliant It Girl you were born to be, and style a personal and professional life you love. Ready to become the It Girl you were born to be? Check out The Lovely It Girl’s Personal Branding Class and Consulting Services. Join The Lovely It Girl Clique on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.