Become One Presents WildSpice | LA Launch Event

Hollywood's Room 5 overflowed with fantasies of full throttle entertainers and inspiration junkies--digesting the magic of collaboration. A conscious wisdom making society of free thinkers and wide-eyed wonders gathering round to exchange visions of sorcery and success.

October 27th, 2013: a night to remember for the moments that strung together to make a movement -- WildSpice embodied by the community of movers and shakers who transform the art world on the regular. Become One with your truest self -- unadulterated and feisty -- the freedom to express. To share your shining soul forth, embracing the possibilities of a whimsical journey of your own making.

Allow us to recap for you: Live paintings of serpentine goddesses by Bill Mather, Symbiotic illustrations by Hans Walør, and body painting by Nicol Passiön. Suntastic visual journeys conducted by Talltree and Carnavaleqube projections by Michael Allen. A meditative audiovisual journey by Brian James Griffith, a full out hypnotic performance by We Are Kings & Queens, and a stunningly soulful experience with Memoir.

A turning point of the night was ignited by Imperatrix Amaia, of The Carnavalesque, with a reminder that the freedom of dance is a right we ought to revere. Evoking the spirit of samba alongside Qoya's vibrant activation of the physical form, the entire room had their arms stretched overhead in the name of dance itself.

Artisans and makeup mavericks LA Noir hand crafted treasures and painted dreams while Alana Theard's paintings presented an alternate realism. Tulsi Devi killed us softly with her painfully beautiful violin and Arabic lullabies, and Seluvaia Fonua hip-notized us with her curves as she performed her signature Polynesian Groove choreography. And DJ Cat kept our musical foundation thumping.

It was a night of mischievous merriment. The words that weaved stories before us made us laugh a la Sean Hill, and Aaron Michael himself brought tears to our eyes with his words of wisdom and positive word smithery.

As best described by poet David Beakel, the night was,

"A living, breathing reminder that this is not a magazine to dullen your spirit after a long hard day, but to sharpen your wit so you can take on the night! Edgy and bold, this is a work not to reinforce the Status Quo, but to counter and challenge it, to demand for nothing but the BEST that is within us all."

WildSpice wants to give a HUGE thank you to everyone who enjoyed the launch event with us and let the commitment to becoming one with our art run rampant.

Video by George Qamar

Photographed by George Qamar and Kodak's by all of YOU!

Photographs edited by Kelli Rad