Skies ALC 13-20.jpg

Through a hectic mess of trying to pull life together, I find myself drawn into the colorful summer sunsets

if even just for a brief moment

to discover some serenity.

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Skies ALC 13-64.jpg
Skies ALC 13-24.jpg

An escape.

Skies ALC 13-116.jpg
Skies ALC 13-171.jpg

The sky is ever present -- but ever changing,

the gorgeous colors are fleeting. In a blink they fade to black.

Skies ALC 13-162.jpg
Skies ALC 13-22.jpg

I attempt to capture the sky

so in the dark of winter I remember that life is vibrant

and a magical solace is just right above our heads

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Skies ALC 13-110.jpg
Skies ALC 13-3.jpg

Photography and text by Amanda Crommett