Gabriela Camerotti brings us into the nights where we let go. Intoxicated by the freedom of summer allowing for inhibitions to be let into the night sky. Embrace your inner party animal.  

Make Up and Hair: Maira Neves
Model: Marcelina Javorska
Stylist: Natália Rocha and Monaliza De Andrade Borges

About the Photographer

Gabriela Camerotti is a 25 year-old free spirit photographer from São Paulo, Brazil. Verbally succinct, visually inclined, she creates photos that are opulent, sensual and with an eye for capturing the essence of being girly. Aiming to be the voice of the girls of today’s generation, she uses her mastery of natural lighting to capture her models in a playful way that emanates an aura of passion and fun that can’t help but make you smile.