Off The Wall is our newest series where we introduce you to a different type of travel, sharing alternative ways to see and explore what the world has to offer. We'll take you into the heart of many cities across the globe and introduce you to authentic experiences that you won't find in your average travel guide. Off The Wall is for the wanderers and explorers, for those who long to travel not as tourists but with the intention of experiencing a place to it's fullest potential. 


Off The Wall: Barcelona 


Of course, we love the concepts of AirBnB and Couchsurfing but sometimes it's wonderful to treat yourself to an amazing hotel experience. Barcelona is just the place to do that with affordable yet innovative places to stay all across the city. 


Chic and Basic Born Hotel

Located in one of the most interesting and diverse neighborhoods in Barcelona, Chic and Basic Born Hotel is one of the most unique hotels that you'll ever experience. From it's minimalistic yet adaptable design to it's quirky and embracing ambiance, it will be the highlight of your Barcelona trip. Chic and Basic truly puts you at the center of your stay from their 'Love Yourself' gym zone to the 'Help Yourself' common area where they provide you with endless water, coffee and cookies (for free) while you can lounge and indulge in the many art books and magazines that they have to offer.  Chic and Basic allows for an affordable, unforgettable experience no matter your travel style, catering to everyone from design lovers to inspired explorers. 


Park Hotel 

Park Hotel is another must-stay location for your Barcelona trip. It has some of the most creative room designs that make you feel like you're right at home. With it's modern comfort, you'll rest well and wake up early for the delicious buffet breakfast that's included in your stay. This boutique space is walking distance from almost anything that you'll need to see in Barcelona and a short stop away from the infamous Ciutadella Park. 



Barcelona has endless sites from it's street markets to the infamous architecture of Gaudi. One thing that we love about the city is that it's cultural scenes are just as enticing as it's well-known landmarks. Not to mention, Barcelona is an art lover's dream if you know where to go.


MNAC — Museu Nacional D'Art De Catalunya 

This museum will draw you in for many reasons, beginning with your journey there. It's amazing infrastructure ignites a feeling that your taking a trip towards the stairway to heaven. Once at the top, you have an amazing view of the city and access to some of the best visual art pieces and exhibitions in Barcelona. Housed inside the National Palace, this museum will keep you occupied for hours between it's works of art and the design of the building itself. 


Loring Art 

Loring Art is an independent bookstore that will fill any and all of your literary and artistic desires. With it's focus on contemporary visual culture, it's easy to get lost for hours. Any given day you can run into a live event or book reading in the store, not to mention it's a great place to convene with friends or meet a perfect stranger that shares your interests.  


It's quite common that one's favorite memories of a place they traveled is remembered by what delicious food they ate there. We decided to share a couple of local favorites where you'll have simple meals that you won't forget. 

Photo via Brunch and Cake 

Brunch and Cake 

Who doesn't love a great brunch spot? Brunch and Cake will satisfy your brunch needs in every way. From its savory pancakes to their intricate egg dishes, you'll have a hard time deciding on just one thing to pick. Find yourself sitting in their cozy nooks for hours, reading or catching up with old friends. 


Bar Bo de B 

Bo de B might have one of the best bocadillos that you'll ever taste. With endless fresh ingredients, this small shop caters to your every need from on-the-go sandwiches to plates with large portions for to sit down and enjoy. Combining flavors from Greece, India, Africa and Europe, Bo de B honestly brings together the best of all worlds. With a friendly, local ambiance this shop is one of the best hidden secrets that Barcelona has to offer. 

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