Unlocked from the realm of the human, 
where all is shy and deceiving,
I wait for those calm words next to my ears,
whispering the dreams we forget to live.

Before the blue skies outside
turn into the red tempest I desperately miss,
I hold you dearly once again in my hands
while you wish another safe goodbye.

Desire now burns deep within,
souls are leaving bodies, 
And that intense pleasure fills the room.

Is this the last of our moments?
My lips and tongue can still taste 
a ghostly remembrance 
of those sapphire mushrooms.

extras- (7).JPG


Photographer: Gabriela Camerotti
Model: Karina Mignoni
Make up and styling: Giovanna Gianóglio Brabo

Text written by: Arthur Idalino

Special thanks to Que Tal Hostel and Madre TereZa for the support

About The Photographer


Gabriela Camerotti is a 25 year-old free spirit photographer from São Paulo, Brazil. Verbally succinct, visually inclined, she creates photos that are opulent, sensual and with an eye for capturing the essence of being girly. Aiming to be the voice of the girls of today’s generation, she uses her mastery of natural lighting to capture her models in a playful way that emanates an aura of passion and fun that can’t help but make you smile.