Who will give your life meaning if you do not embrace your story? 

Who will recognize the distance you have traversed or the way the light pierced a moment only you were there to see?






Throughout my journeys of land and sea my journal has done this for me.







Many days didn't slip away uncelebrated.  





Ask yourself:

Alone on the shores of your own life, would you recognize it?







As trials and trepidation come to pass, will you remember what you once were?





Or will theses moments float away like time itself tends to?









My companion is the keeper of my words and wishings since before I knew what I know now....

whatever that may be.

Notebook upon notebook I've poured my heart out to the solace of the unwritten page. 





There are seasons I dare not revisit and realms I return to often.






There are pages I dive into to figure out who I’ve always been... and paragraphs I've lost on purpose.




Many things I wouldn’t remember to know about the days that were once mine.











These tiny moments once whisked me away.

My journeys engraved on unlined paper.

If only, to live life twice.

About the Artist

Heading photo courtesy of Talltree

Heading photo courtesy of Talltree

Writing and Photography by Alyssa Aparicio.

Alyssa creates to live life twice. As a professional dancer and writer, she applies her study of anthropology to her life work exploring sacred dance. From SXSW to Lightning in a Bottle, Electric Zoo to EDC, she has traveled extensively performing in and writing about her experiences at the world's most anticipated festivals. Alyssa is Creative Director & Co Founder of WildSpice Magazine and Art Director of The Carnavalesque Beauty Movement. AlyssaAparicio.com