Provocatrix: Nicol Passiön

Nicol Passiön is a renaissance woman. Painter, graphic artist, model, dancer, free-spirited provocatrix. The lust for life that ignites Nicol gave her the nickname that she infuses in these whimsical paintings of women wild & free.

Nicol Passiön

Nicol Passiön

How did you come to be known as Nicol Passiön?

Nicol is my birth name, I got Passiön at a rave in ‘07, I believe it was EDC, my first rave. This beautiful girl named Treasure gave me that name, not sure why...I didn’t even know her, I never asked her either. All I knew was that it was perfect.

Where are you from?

I was born in Managua, Nicaragua in '87, I came to California with my mom and sister at age 4. We crossed the border with coyotes...we are very lucky.

Your paintings represent visually what words cannot, but if your paintings could talk what would they say?

They’d say "Love me, Feel me, dance, be free. Be trippy." I love females, they're my main inspiration. I’m a Venus child.

Is there one particular moment you can remember in which you realized you were an artist?

At the very young age of 7, I loved coloring books, especially the Barbie ones. I would get in trouble at school for drawing on my textbooks and homework.

What is the message you hope to share through your artwork?

To appreciate beauty, to love one another, and to love thyself.

What does Wild mean to you?

Wild is something strikingly beautiful, that can’t be tamed easy, it’s hypnotic and free.


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Check out her upcoming showcase:

Passiön Ärt Galłerÿ

November 9th, 2013 Featuring her own artwork and that of local artists & artisans.

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