Tait Alexander’s freshly released, Made for Giving is 10 minutes and 21 seconds of pure euphoria. If forced to describe it in a few words, one might choose: shamanic pop short film. This whimsical wonderscape is bursting with passion for a world of pure joy. It’s not just a music video, but a journey of kaleidoscopic realities. Featuring the beautiful vocals of Grace Joo, this original song by Tait Alexander is overflowing with a message of love. Directed by Talltree and filmed alongside Adriel Angeico, it was created using a variety of cameras, and capturing many landscapes. As an undertaking of epic proportions, the realization of Made for Giving spanned the course of a year.

In the words of the Artist:

“This began as a challenge to myself, to see if I could create 13 songs that were 13 minutes long without the use of a looper pedal. Although the songs didn't end up at 13 minutes exactly, what I ended up with were extensive tracks with the potential to induce transcendental states and engulf the listener into a soundscape. It is music created for people who still have an attention span longer than a goldfish.

I began making music around 13 years old, and since then have performed in projects such as the Sleepy Owl [heart emoticon] Tribe, a feel-good, choir-sized group that ranged from 1 to 20 costumed people at a time; and Ahkiyyini, a shamanic psych rock band. I have had the privilege to perform at LA Psych Fest, Cozy Fest, and Desert Daze Festival.

My latest musical inspirations have been Loscil, Brian Wilson, Panda Bear, Guy Blakeslee, Diva Dompe, Madonna Moon, Fog, Why, Modest Mouse, Broken Social Scene, Ya Ho Wha 13, Donna Lewis, pop music from the early 90s, the silence of nature, the new rave culture, feel good endings of 80s films, slow motion, glitter, sunshine, and every woman I have ever loved or will love.”


In the words of the Director:

“As with most passion projects, the video was filmed when we had time, when the equipment was available, when all of a sudden a perfect location opened up to us. That led to a year-long production, from conception to this final video you see today. I wanted to capture the freedom, spontaneity, honesty, and love that Tait exudes out into the world, and so we created environments like mud wrestling on a farm in Ojai with friends, and skinny-dipping in Venice under the full moon to provide the space for magic to happen. The video was filmed on many different cameras, from VHS to RED, to create many visual textures referencing music video styles of the past and present.”

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 11.19.44 AM.png

Tait Alexander is a Los Angeles based Indie Psych musician you may recognize as front man of Ahkiyyini. His music spans and defies many genres, encapsulating an authentic sensation of pure joy and positive intention. Check out more from Tait Alexander on Bandcamp.

Directed by Talltree Adriel Angeico. Edited by Talltree.

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