We’ve all had those moments where we feel like everything is changing, especially when it comes to ending a relationship. Quite often, post-breakup we’re not quite sure how to deal with what happened and it’s easy to get lost inside of our own heads.

We’re ready to move on but the actuality of returning to normal life (without that person) takes a bit of work.

'ILL'—the newest video by 23 year old, Brooklyn artist and producer Aaron Taos, directed by The Tanaka Bros—reflects those feelings. The song is about the mental daze that occurs when life keeps happening around us and we’re trying to figure things out for ourselves. A song about self-reflection (instead of just the typical pop lyrics focusing on shitty heartbreak).

Taos is releasing his self-recorded and debut EP “GUITS” later this summer through CLAM CLUB. He’s already getting buzz from some big indie blogs, which means we’ll be seeing more videos by this artist soon.