In her interview, “On Being Heard” for NPR radio, M.I.A speaks to engaging with the power of her platform. After all she’s conquered, how could she bite her tongue? Fleeing from Sri Lanka, getting sued by the NFL for giving the Matangi mudra the middle finger at the Superbowl — she’s no stranger to real life controversy. An active participant in social discourse fuels her creative infamy. “Infusing her music with politics” is an active choice — evidence that music with a message is more fun than bubble gum.

“Got to a microphone myself… got nominated for a Grammy and an Oscar in the same month to make the biggest platform possible in America. Then I told the story…”

In her earth-shaking new album, this brazen icon belts out her beliefs and challenges you on yours.

Check out “Matangi” here.

Photo source: MIA x Versus Versace