It used to be that the festival experience meant strictly mindless indulgence. But at the forefront of broadening our horizons remains The Do Lab.  Responsible for the production of life transforming events the likes of Lightning in a Bottle, their foundation is built upon the power of communal conscious experience.

One year ago, on a date that was expected to potentially end our civilization as we know it, The Do Lab ushered in a new era with The Great Convergence 2012. Hosted at the Pyramids of Giza in conjunction with a mindful cruise along the River Nile, The Great Convergence united the curious and established minds with an opportunity to embrace this powerful moment in history and acknowledge the changes that lay ahead. 

Released exactly one year after the initial event on December 21st, 2012, we share the recorded evidence resulting from this remarkable event. This podcast series allows us to listen in on the conversations that transpired and the music that powered this transformative moment in time. With presentations from director Carmen Boulter, author Hugh Newman, geophysicist Robert Schoch, and percussionist Jamie Janover, we are given an ear into the paradigms of how we think about the Earth and our place upon it. From expertise on the mysterious Great Sphinx and rethinking the paradigms of antiquity, to the continuing impact of the Great Pyramids, we are gifted insightful lectures from those who have dedicated their lives to exploring the mysteries of ancient civilizations and the continuing importance of their legacies. 

Uniting education with the pleasures of musical rapture provide two complimentary realms of this prismatic experience.  Listen to live performances from Random Rab, Beats Antique, Desert Dwellers and more...

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The Great Convergence Musical Performances

The Great Convergence Presentations & Talks