'Bad Gyal' is a bumpin' Summer anthem to say the least. And its video: the freshest the season has to offer. 

Bush Tea, its creator, has the ability to energize and inspire your most vibrant self. In this video for her latest release, we are taken on a journey under the hot sun and into the humid night of the Virgin Islands.

WARNING: You will want to dance. You will want to get wet.  And of course, you will immediately want to unleash your inner 'bad gyal'. 

Watch for yourself, and read about the inspiration behind the video from the one and only Bush Tea: 

What is your background as an artist? 

I never studied music with the exception of listening to it religiously. The songs and the sounds just came from somewhere mechanical a sort of sense memory. I did study cecchetti ballet from age 3 up and had to sort of learn to feel rhythm through my body. I actually come from the world of acting more than anything, so a lot of my videos will have a story line in which I can “get into character.” I got my bachelors degree in Performing Arts at Pace University and went to a specialty performing arts school. I used to write and rap for a chamber orchestra out of Juilliard School named ShoutHouse and I also write songs for a women’s empowerment collective that travels and works with refugees and women all over the country/world called Girl Be Heard. 


What inspired the creation of this video?

This video was inspired by being a warrior woman like Xena, the primordial woman, Serena or Venus Williams, or Malala Yusefzai. I’ve always been surrounded by warrior women who “steered their ships” per se and I really wanted to convey that through powerful imagery. At the same time, I feel there is a mutual exclusion and alienation practiced by even the best people in the world. A sort of slut shaming I wanted to defy and challenge by playing two opposing roles in the same video. Like if a woman is sexy she can’t be smart or if a woman likes to use waist movements she is disgusting or wants to be subjected to being harassed. I just want to keep breaking those binaries down and showing there are no limits to how many worlds you can be a part of. 


What is the song "Bad Gyal" about for you?

“Bad Gyal” is about that rebellion. The storyline actually spurred from a circular relationship saga that had no seeming end and on my little island in the middle of the Caribbean it can be hard to run into your exes. I wanted that to be thrown into the story just to give it a thread even though overall it’s a beach day turned night party with an overarching theme of empowerment and being wild. But the definition of a bad gyal to me is a person (not exclusively female cis gendered) who gets shit done that they feel is important while still having fun which is a fuck you to the systems trying to hold them back. A bad gyal really is that person who smiles and laughs and is unapologetically themselves while still contributing in major ways and walking as an example of beauty grace and rebellion. 


What does Wild mean to you? Did you feel Wild in making this video?

Absolutely. I felt like a wild thang. You made my heart sing. I mean I was in the middle of the ocean on a horse barefoot in a bikini and all eyes were on me. I loved that. I was galloping in the sand I was throwing my hair around - it was all good. I felt completely natural, in the middle of the wild on a horse doing what I love to do and that’s wild to me. Wild means taking good risks and being creative and giving yourself a chance to be yourself because a lot of pressure comes with age and it can be hard to do that.

We’re often told to work for someone else’s dreams, to be someone else’s vision. For just a while I was able to be exactly what I wanted, where I wanted, looking how I wanted, and it felt damn good. 


Anything else you'd like our audience to know about you?

I’m really looking forward to making my more experimental eloquent music salable. I’m working on that sound. But for now I’m loving this pop shit it gets people amped up and puts them in a good mood. That’s just as important to me. “This isn’t even my final form.” - Frieza  


About The Artist


Bush Tea is a Virgin Islands' Native Rapper whose sound consists of heavy 808s infused with the highs of steel pans and baritone vocals. Her first single, Bad Gyal, has been on rotation throughout The Caribbean on 95.1 Isle 95, 103.5 The Reef, Kairi FM, Q95, etc. and can be found on Tidal, Spotify, ITunes. Shazam, Apple Music, and more. Bush Tea Music was recently flown to New York City to open for Nas' artist Bishop Nehru at a full house at The Knitting Factory, Brooklyn. 

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Banner photo by Rashad Martinez

Underwater photo by David Berg



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