EVeryman is not just anybody. Rapper and constant reverberation of positivity, Evan Shafran creates music from a place of utmost optimism for a world that does not lack in abundant good times. His uplifting vibes are contagious and never cease to put a smile upon your face. Fresh off the 2014 Coachella stage alongside SugarPill, you'll be sure to catch him on a festival stage near you — next stop Lightning in a Bottle.

"(On his debut album) "Speak the Speech", the music from EVeryman serves to inspire while challenging conventional thinking. His sharp lyricism and overall energy he brings to each of the songs will move you and then have you reaching for the repeat button. While many MCs merely chase fame, EVeryman always puts the music first and aims to connect with audiences through positivity rather than sticking with the status quo... On the triumphant opener, "To Be or Not to Be", EVeryman sets the tone early by getting Connect the Dot's futuristic, G-Funk flavored breakbeat." 

Listen to EVeryman's reflective Aural Fixation and step inside the creative thought behind "To Be or Not To Be".