In the words of featured dancer, Nadine Olmo:

"'The Healer' is a Pendulum production filmed by Zach Rabago. It was inspired by the soulful sounds of Miss Erykah Badu. I have been inspired by Erykah Badu for a while now and felt like expressing some of her words through movement. Keeping her truthful messages alive. It was beautiful to connect with Zach and exchange passions with another artist. Creating Art and doing what we love to do with the hopes of inspiring others."

In the words of Miss Badu...

"...I find that everyone prays differently, at different times and for different things. But everywhere I go all over the world, people nod their head to the snare and the kick in the same kind of way, whether they know the language or not. They feel it and they zone out to it. That's what we have in common. And it is bigger than religion... I've seen it with my own eyes, and so have others. It can't be denied."

Watch Nadine as she explodes down the streets of Los Angeles with a rhythm so powerful it creates tsunamis of self respect. Witness the arising occur and wonder to yourself: are you really awake?

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About the Artist


Pendulum is a group of soul brothers and sisters coming together from different places to perpetuate organic, truthful movement and simply tell stories. Pendulum wants to relate to the public, open minds and help dissolve indifference in our generation. Email Pendulum at: 

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