Tale as old as time. Memories ring clear as night. A love that fades through fingers no matter how tightly fists are clenched. As humans seeking safety, run towards a place where we can sink our heels into something unchanging. “Still In Love” is the cascading emotion that keeps us up at night as mammals with hearts that pulse too convicted for the good of the vessel that carries it.

 Devon James Stewart’s infectious track combined with the visual artistry of Justin Scutieri is an ode love that never quite fades. Featuring Omari Bailey and WildSpice Creative Director Alyssa Aparicio, this East coast/ West coast collaboration came about almost spontaneously. Best friends Devon James and Justin Scutieri were simultaneously coping with heartbreak and creating independent projects on either coast. When they reunited in NYC after a long time apart, Devon discovered this short film that Scutieri had put on pause. Devon knew right then that the footage would become his music video.

In the words of Devon James:

I wrote the song when I was on the plane to LA, worked on it a bit out there, sent it to a friend at a label and he said if he helped me get a singer then could he put it out, I said of course. About the video, Justin (Scutieri, music video director) and I had been going through similar things, emotionally with girls and our relationships. Both of us wanted to be with someone who didn't want to be with us - I had been having these really crazy dreams and it was starting to mess with my head a lot. So I wrote this song. I think Justin had a similar situation but a few months later. The funny thing is we would talk everyday and help each other get through the day or just try and relate to help each other. Then when he moved out here and I saw the footage, it was to another song. But as soon as I saw it and saw where the story was going I was like, "dude can we please please use this for my music video". So the song and video were done totally separate of each other, but I knew the parallels were there. Will (Wawro) really helped pull it all together, but Justin and I also did some editing. The whole process was really enjoyable because I got to have input every step of the way. Even with the remixers they would send me ideas and I'd give them (limited) feedback but it was just a really enjoyable experience to work with everyone on a project that I was so passionate about and to see others get excited was just really awesome, especially since its all my closest friends. Even my best friend matt who is an incredible designer did hand drawn artwork for the this. It feels nice to feel so loved and supported because this song is about that feeling of longing for love and sometimes the love we need isn't the love we want. I definitely figured that out during this process. For me personally, I need the love of my friends, they keep me going and push me

About the Artist

Devon James grew up in Boston, started producing and djing at age 18. After graduating, from college, Devon became legendary DJ, Felix Da Housecat’s right hand man-- touring alongside him as production manager, engineer, and producer on his upcoming album. He’s also produced tracks with Nile Rodgers and Lee Scratch Perry. Devon also works as a DJ Instructor at NYC’s Dubspot.

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