Katrina Amato is a woman of many talents. Her artistry knows no limits and her message remains overwhelmingly positive. As a choreographer, she channels free movement and paints a dynamic emotional journey for her audience. 

In the words of Katrina:

"Scattered Into Light" was inspired by AOSOON's track "Under". It reminded me to "breath and exhale" when times were tough, and to pick myself up when I felt down. After a rather emotional breakup, this was a perfect way for me to express the thoughts and feelings that came up inside of me. What I learned, was that my deepest pain brought me to my highest joy. My passion has always been choreography, but for years I was denying that. I decided to face my fears and go after what truly made me happy. As a dancer since the age of four, letting go of my past and putting myself out there again has reenergized me and has allowed me to feel fulfilled. With the help of talented dancers I was able to create a piece that was dear to my heart as an individual and an artist."

About the Choreographer

Katrina Amato was born and raised in Madison, WI. She is currently choreographing for Tiesto. She teaches a beginner dance class every Wed. night at The Sweat Spot. For more info check out www.KatrinaAmato.com.


Featured Dancers:
Anni Blackhurst
Deanna Reeves
Mckenna Mendoza

Directed by Charles Michael Davis

Edited by Buddy Wyrick

Music: AOSOON - Fake Static Noise Remix