"As the sun rises with the bright glow of dawn; we root ourselves in the present... recognizing our past, envisioning our future."

This concept video features renowned dancers/choreographers Nadine Olmo and Justin Conte as they demonstrate the fluidity of their conscious movement, the foundation of Pendulum. Their impactful weightlessness is captured by Pendulum's own, Zach Rabago. 

In the words of Nadine's, "This video marks the start of a new beginning for Pendulum Visual Art... It's the introduction to a new world of film... We wanted to just connect in a beautiful space doing what we love with open arms to the world as a celebration of our new journey. Our inspiration comes from the heart of connection... love, truth and art."

Pendulum is a group of soul brothers and sisters coming together from different places to perpetuate organic, truthful movement and simply tell stories. Pendulum wants to relate to the public, open minds and help dissolve indifference in our generation. Email Pendulum at: PendulumVisualArt@gmail.com