“We are about to begin a journey through the cosmos” via this vintage 2008 music video hailing from España. Barcelona to be specific. Your imagination cannot handle anything more Spicy than this visual experience. Wild and crazy kids all grown up, there are more oddities in these 3,540 seconds than exist in anything you’ve come across before.

We too can live in this world... “solo necesitamos imaginación y escepticismo”, as this adaptation of a Carl Sagan Series intro brings to our attention.  Bring your wildest fantasies to life. Women dressed in glitter and only glitter, sexy time with statues, firecrackers, paintbombs and so very much more.

Pair what your eyes can see atop a steel drum explosion of up-turned indie en español, and you’ve got “Bombay”. Savor this blast from the recent past and lick your lips at the thrill of rambunctious rebellion

Without further ado, here’s a reminder that “The cosmos are within us, We are made of stars”. Get ready for an eyeful  of “space age exotica”.