"Light of the World" Tour Arrives in LA

In a land beyond imagination, Lucent Dossier Experience reigns.

What Lucent creates with their performance is a mass state of utter wonder, where one need not close their eyes to dream, but simply open their heart to experience. From the aerial enchantment of sky dancing prophets to the angelic vocals of Dream Rockwell, all underlined with deep bass and Eastern inspired electronic frequencies. There is nothing short of mesmerizing magic and heart wrenching awe which channels a powerful message of a future where the female has risen to her grandest potential. A force of pure vibrance and a deep rooted wisdom allows this ascent to the throne.

16 cities, millions of hearts inspired. Lucent Dossier culminates their "Light of the World" tour across the US with performances in Las Vegas' House of Blues and Los Angeles' Club Nokia before a grand finale at the UK's Shambala Festival.

Back in March before the official kick off of their tour on Coachella's main stage, WildSpice had the honor of interviewing the Founder of Lucent Dossier Experience and Co Founder of Lightning in a Bottle, Dream Rockwell and members of Lucent Dossier as they rehearsed and prepared for the journey of a lifetime. 

Look into the heart of Lucent:

Don't miss this opportunity to see this Experience before your very eyes and step into a world unlike any other. Get your tickets now and awaken a universe of majesty.

About the Videographer


Talltree is a freelance videographer by trade. His specialty? Creating honest art. "The challenge is recognizing what you truly feel and then figuring out a way to express it in a pure form, without filtering too much of the original feeling in the process. The beauty though is that the piece will most likely change into something you weren't expecting, expressing and meaning more than what you began with." See more of his work at Talltree.co



*Lucent Dossier Footage filmed by August Bradley.

About the Photographer

Kelli Rad feels her way through life and her art. Each of her pieces comes from an emotion, a feeling, a fantasy that once imagined leaves her searching for that reality in her waking life.  Her interests are as kaleidoscopic as the images she captures through the lens of her camera, and she hopes that each person who gazes upon them feels a resonance in even just one of its layers.  She is a Co-Founder and lead Designer at WildSpice Magazine, and web designer by trade.  Check out her portfolio at www.kellirad.com. 

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Alyssa Aparicio is Creative Director of WildSpice. She graduated from Vassar College in 2011 with a BA in Anthropology and Hispanic Studies. Alyssa is a New York native currently based in Los Angeles. COO of The Carnavalesque Awakening & Beauty Movement. As dancer she is a performs samba, belly dance, burlesque, and hip hop. She dedicates her movement to empowering the pussy, and all those who have one between their legs. AlyssaAparicio.com