Listen Art Show Presents: WildSpice | NY Launch Event

On Sept. 8, 2013 in celebration of the launch of WildSpice Mag, The Listen Art Show presents...

About the collaboration:

The Listen Art Show hosts opportunities for attendees to be actively engaged in their surroundings rather than passively entertained. WildSpice is a community of creative individuals who put art in conversation with awareness, empowerment, and positivity. Bringing these two creative spheres together created an atmosphere of limitless inspiration, positivity, and engagement.

Special thanks to Bowery Arts and Sciences for hosting the event and to all of our performers and artists who were a part! Most importantly, thank you to everyone came out to support us!

For more info about the show or future collaborations email Feel free to reach out with questions, comments, praises, suggestions, collaborations! We'd love to hear from you.

Videography: Rashidah Sherman

Video Edit: Sienna Brown

Accompanying Song: Infinity - Devon James