There comes a pivotal time in all of our lives when we question what it means to be "enough". We wonder how to define self-worth and embody that strength in our day to day lives. For some it's a struggle, for others it seems easy, but at the end of the day, we are all on the journey together. The concept of "being enough" is something that has been passed down since the beginning of time but in this day and age we're looking to explore what that really means on individual and collective levels. It's a powerful movement towards healing. 

Jason Weisgerber has explored the concept of enoughness and collaborated with 60 different thought-leaders and influencers to share their personal experiences. Individuals like Ray Dalton (solo artist & featured singer for Macklemore + Ryan Lewis), Tamara Star (founder of DailyTransformations and Huffington Post Contributor), our co-founder Sienna Brown and many more joined to speak on this topic. 

The Enoughness Sessions is a down-to-earth, collective conversation and shares what self-worth means to many different people. We had a chance to sit down with Jason and hear his inspiration behind the process, what it was like working with so many amazing individuals and how he defines enoughness for himself. 


What was the inspiration behind starting The Enoughness Sessions? Why focus on what it means to be enough?

The inspiration came from my long-time interest and love of like-minded, relevant and deep conversations! It also came from work I was doing as a consultant to individuals and small businesses on finding focus, balance, direction and actual fulfillment in life and work. I was helping to see and pull out their creative, animal, natural, fulfilled, talented selves!

And of course, Enoughness came initially not from inspiration but stagnation and a painful depression. I was sickly stuck. Then there was a significant and sudden breakthrough at 2am in a Los Angeles city park that happened when I was at my lowest. I didn't want to continue living. As I was walking home, I fell to the ground, weeping and yelling out of utter frustration. I was done. Right after this flailing tantrum, clarity came. And lightness, finally. The entire park, along with my body and being became illuminated. Light from within. Brief, yes, but it was enough. The breakthrough gave me a needed reprieve from the pain and suffering. The meditation, studies, therapy, even a short trial with anti-depressants didn't do it. This was spontaneous but it definitely came from that work so I'm grateful to have gone though it all.

This clarity made me feel like I was having a spiritual experience! And I was. Later, when I learned to name, nurture, grow and sustain the feeling of Enoughness, I realized that more than a spiritual experience, it was a human one. I was not happy, big time. I was not fulfilled and certainly not fulfilling my potential. Yet I refused at some deep level to give up. Why is that?? Pushing through this darkness I've found that it's only natural to want to live. Hello!? Our soul, that eternal part of us, is constantly calling out. It's seeking to reach the surface of the sea of pain and suffering to find the rightfully full life meant for us to live. That's why the convo around Enoughness has such pull for me. It can create a light and uplifting conversation as well as a vitally healing one.

Enoughness and right fulfillment always begins with the individual. It's really the individual that decides at some level whether something in their lives is fulfilling. It never really has to do with anything outside of us. What I've discovered in this process is that of course we can and do experience fulfillment that seems to depend on or source from other people or circumstances. That's fine, life is all about connecting with people and circumstance. And we can also conjure the feeling of fulfillment out of thin air! That's a powerful thing. And it's a power that can be wisely and beneficially used to positively influence and shape circumstances. 

You have 60 really diverse individuals participating in the project. How did you come to decide who you'd include? Have you found any major similarities between the people you've spoken to?

It was a human type lottery where people paid me to get in;) Not really. It was a great process of gathering folks over about an 8-month period. It took longer than I expected which gave me a chance to really soak in the process. It's had a potent effect on me because of that and I hope it can do that for others.

I had a few solid recommendations for guests to invite from the start. Those recommendations turned into other recommendations and so on. I'd frequently ask guests for a couple names that would fit well into the compilation.


And yes, I've found many similarities in the people with whom I've connected. Many were actually grateful for the chance to think purposefully about this concept and state of being. That really struck me and allowed me to just get out of the way and let people have their way with it. Trust grew and I realized that I was here to gather whatever came out of people's heads and hearts.

And you'll notice on the final recording that there are many colorful responses. Chris Woods, a professional violinist, plays his violin while he's speaking. Elena Brower sounds like a spoken word poet. Frederic Ndabaramiye is Rwandan and has a heavy accent but he's speaking about being a survivor of the Rwandan genocide. It fits because it makes you really pay attention to his words and his message, one of clear significance to us all. And Ray Dalton, one of Macklemores singers, actually gives us a short vocal rendition singing Amazing Grace. And the other similarity is that everyone's 60-seconds on Enoughness is very full and very interesting to me and I'm the host and an author of Enoughness! I'm a movie lover so I love to be entertained and these recordings all really did it for me.

How would you encourage others to actively encounter a sense of self-worth in their daily life?

That's a great question. I'll be releasing a manuscript in some form (book, e-book, podcast) that will have ideas on the Practice and the Science of Enoughness. One of the practices I advocate is having a daily consistent stillness (or meditation) practice. I've created a stillness practice out of years of doing and studying many forms of meditation. I've combined it with an exercise I did as an actor as well. When I was studying in LA and NYC our teachers had us working with statues. We'd go to the museum, select a statue and match it's pose. Then we'd slowly move out of it in order to create the voice and the body of a character. It always felt great to be in that creative, poised stillness. So I infused it into my meditation practice and eventually paired it all down into sitting very still for 10 minutes every morning. In that simple stillness comes a coherence of body, mind and spirit.

Also from simply reading the manuscript will be the unconscious yet valuable ability to just soak up the feeling, the experience of Enoughness. It's like listening to music. It becomes an enjoyable effortless saturation. And speaking of tonic for the ears, listening to The Enoughness Sessions is another easy way to catch the vibration of Enoughness. Listen in your car or in your home. You'll hear how each person experiences and practices centering Enoughness, this self-worth, in their daily lives. And that can help you find your own ideas of conjuring Enoughness for yourself. I always encourage self-discovery with a touch of guiding wisdom.

In the recording, for a more tangible touch, a few of us have commented on the value of getting out into nature as a way of remembering the feeling of a solid self-worth.

Self-worth is inherent, it's in our nature so getting into the ocean or taking a long day-hike can really help us bring this nature to the surface.  

If you had a week to disconnect and go anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Ahhh what a great question! Are you offering me a ticket to paradise? I accept! I'll go almost anywhere and talk about Enoughness. Seems a universal message! And I'd like to do more work/travel these days. To answer your question, I love things that are brand new and I love places that are really old. I'd go somewhere that has an ocean and lots of history like the South of France, Italy or Spain and drive a Tesla. Hah! I had a conversation with myself in the mirror yesterday asking myself why I hadn't been to Europe yet? I didn't have a good answer. As Tracy Chapman says, the time is coming soon.

Who are 5 people or things that are inspiring you at the moment?

Elon Musk, Russell Brand, The Voice (I got sucked in!), Walter Mitty/Ben Stiller, Will Smith.


Thanks for having me Sienna Brown and Wild Spice Mag. I love your work.


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 Interview and text by Sienna Brown 

Sienna Brown is Communications & Marketing Director of WildSpice Magazine. She is constantly on a journey to inspire and be inspired while engaging in different methods of creation.  Follow her on twitter and instagram

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