Cyndi Ramirez is the first of our Leading Ladies series, where we'll be highlighting women who know what they want. Those who walk off the beaten path and create the lives they want to be living. Learning about each of these ladies won't just inspire you to dive into their world but it will empower you to take the leap for yourself, follow that dream and kick ass along the way. Meet Cyndi.  

Cyndi Ramirez embodies innovation and is making waves in the NYC food, fashion and beauty communities. With her endless determination and positive outlook on life, she knows what it's like to follow her passions and create the world she wants to be seeing. From taking over the blogging world with Taste The Style to her newly launched skin-care line DAILĒ, her accomplishments are impressive and the list keeps on growing. Recently, our very own director, Sienna Brown had the opportunity to sit down and pick Cyndi's brain about the unique nature of her professional journey, the importance of investing time in your passions and what inspires her. 

You are the ultimate definition of a #BossBabe. Can you tell us what your journey has been like to get to where you are now?

Thank you! So many women are! That series inspires me every day. 

I suppose I've always known I wanted to be an entrepreneur — it's in my blood. I grew up watching my mom being a total boss babe esthetician; she has owned (and still owns) a few boutique medi-spas for over 25 years. Skincare was an industry I grew up around, and always knew I wanted to get into. That comes later though...

My 20's were pretty much spent experimenting with jobs. I studied fashion marketing and bartended on the side as a means to make money... but I really started to love the industry and knew I wanted to stay involved in hospitality/nightlife somehow. Again, that comes later.

Photo by Sienna Brown for WildSpice Mag

Photo by Sienna Brown for WildSpice Mag

It wasn't until years later (and a lot of side hustles) that I found a job that was life-changing. That was when I worked at Third Wave Fashion; it was essentially the first time I felt I was getting that full-circle work experience that I had been missing my whole life. It forced me to discover my strengths and my weaknesses and allowed me to figure out what I'd excel at independently. After exiting that job, I took on Taste The Style full throttle all while simultaneously launching The Eclective, a network that drove creative influencers to branded events.



As we all know, monetizing in the publishing world is a long process, but events (if you're good at them) are a great way to connect with brands and earn a nice living. My boyfriend became my partner in The Eclective and we started to realize that we worked together quite well so we rolled with it. DAILĒ is a product of our mutual desire to own a product — I had finally figured out how I'd circle back to skincare! He is also a partner in Den Hospitality group, the team that owns The Garret and Dullboy, and I am the self-proclaimed First Lady...voila! I'm back in nightlife! The universe has a funny way of working out. 


It seems like you've mastered the skill of incorporating the things you love into your work life; from Taste the Style to your recently launched skincare line DAILĒ. Can you share the importance of investing time and energy into things you're passionate about?

I'm a very stern believer in not wasting time on projects or work that doesn't make you happy.

I'd sacrifice a paycheck to do something that gets me closer to the bigger picture. Meaning, if it were between working with a brand that doesn't really do it for me for the paycheck, or a brand that I've always dreamed of working with, I'd undoubtably take the latter. 

But of course, this isn't a sustainable way to live. There is a balance, but I'm a full believer that hard work paired with a clear brand vision will eventually lead to a profitable and very fulfilling outcome. 

Hard work paired with a clear brand vision will eventually lead to a profitable and very fulfilling outcome.

"If you build it, they will come." That saying could not be more true and it's how I live my life. 

Photo by Sienna Brown for WildSpice Mag

Photo by Sienna Brown for WildSpice Mag

Your boyfriend is also your business partner; the dynamic you guys have is incredible. How do you keep a work/life balance in your relationship as well as daily life?

Thank you! We just enjoy each other's company — we're pretty damn blessed that's the case otherwise we'd be in a lot of trouble. Working with your significant other isn't something I'd recommend to everyone; separating both lives can be a challenge, especially since we work evenings with the bars. We sometimes have to consciously say "okay, tonight is date night" otherwise it may turn into a night where we review to-dos and goals, haha. But, no matter what, we're really good at taking that quick second in the middle of the work day to show each other how much we love one another.

Photo by Sienna Brown for WildSpice Mag

Photo by Sienna Brown for WildSpice Mag

You're always tackling something different with work. What does a normal day (or week) look like for you?

It's a balance between meetings, tackling my inbox, working on posts, heading to photo shoots, coordinating photo shoots, etc. There's no routine, it's just doing what needs to get done. The only constant are weekly strategy meetings with the team. 

A lot of your work deals with trendsetting and personal style. How would you describe yours? 

Masculine meets feminine meets trendy meets colorful meets casual. 

Photo by Sienna Brown for WildSpice Mag

Photo by Sienna Brown for WildSpice Mag

What do you see yourself doing in the next three years? 

Exactly what I'm doing now on a larger scale.


Where do you normally find inspiration? 

Depends what I'm looking for, but I'd say people are my number one source. Whether that means reading interviews, or meeting with women who inspire me, I can always get the answer I'm looking for through conversation. And if all else fails, there's always Pinterest. ;-)

You've really developed a strong personal brand that shines through in all of your work. What message do you want to be sharing through your lifestyle and the things you do?

Oh wow, that's really flattering and amazing to hear. I suppose the underlying message is love what you do, and do what you love. 


Can you share some advice to those who are trying to carve their own path and follow their passions?

Be nice to everyone but collaborate with people who inspire you; always tune in to the needs of your industry; find a void and fill it; and make something beautiful. 

 Interview and photos by Sienna Brown 

Sienna Brown is Communications & Marketing Director of WildSpice Magazine. She is constantly on a journey to inspire and be inspired while engaging in different methods of creation.  Follow her on twitter and instagram @siempregirando. 

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