Wild Spotlight: Filipa Silva 

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WS: Tell us a little about yourself and what's led you to your choice of or pursuing photography? 

Filipa Silva: I have always been connected to the arts since a very young age. At 21, I finished my studies in fashion and textile design and since then I've felt the necessity to express myself in other artistic ways. , one of them being photography. I watched a video documentary by Annie Leibovitz, "Life Through a Lens" and that was definitely one of the first things that inspired me to explore photography. 

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WS: If you had to describe your work in three words, what would they be? 

FS: Diversified, emotional and observant. 

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WS: What do you hope that people will take from your work?

FS: I want to create some kind of emotion when people see my works. I do not want people to ignore my images. I want them to stop for a moment and feel some sort of emotion. We are humans, right? We should feel something. 

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WS: What does wild mean to you?

FS: Wild for me is to be outside of the box. To be out of the normal and let emotions flow.


About the Artist 


Filipa Silva finished her studies in fashion and textile design in 2009. Since then she's found herself exploring photography and illustration as a way to find and lose herself. Her goal in life is to grow as an artist as much as a person. See updates on Filipa here and be sure to check out more of her work