The work of Sarah Eiseman brings you into a fantasy world you wish you lived in. Surrounded by earth and sky, her ethereal photography will bring your dreams to life.  

A word from the photographer: So when shooting this, I teamed up with Shari Gerstenberger from Charmschoolvintage who styled the shoot and Megan Lane who did the body art. Shooting River Liana, ended up being a pleasant surprise and she was absolutely perfect in every way. We were inspired by mother nature and the surrounding earth. We wanted the shoot to speak volumes of natural beauty and that's exactly what happened. Megan studied the geological formations in Mckinney Falls and used some of the old topographical designs as inspiration for the body painting. We wandered around studying flowers and matching them with River's beauty, with nothing in mind but having fun and playing in waterfalls we ended up making magic. It was a grand little team. 

About the Artist

Sarah Eiseman is a 24 year-old, daydream believer. She spends her days doing physical therapy with the elderly and her free time trying to break the separation gaps between raw emotions and art. Sarah writes music, travels and shoots photos in order to express feelings and try to show the beautiful light and dark in the world... in a way that others can relate to. To show that we are all more alike and connected than we think. Feeling feelings together. 

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