Free Spirit 

"Free Spirit" is that summer you will always remember, where you felt you could be anything you wanted. It's that feeling of staying in the present and feeling that you are taking charge of your life. It is a kiss that you never gave or you will give. "Free Spirit" are all childhood friends who swore eternal being and are no longer. A song by Pink Floyd, Dylan and the Doors. "Free Spirit" are goose bumps, kisses upon kisses ten years overnight. A free spirit who loves life and is not afraid all the time because [s]he knows that spring will always have a refuge. - Andrea Savall on "Free Spirit" 

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About the Editorial 

Andrea Savall is a photographer based out of Valencia, Spain. Her work has been published in Vogue Italy and many other outlets. You can find more of her Facebook page and stay tuned for our Wild Talk exclusive with her coming soon. 

Fashion film: Marta Llorens

Photo: Andrea Savall 

Make up and hair: Sara Olcina

Make up and hair assistant: Laura Doblás

Styling: Marta Llorens and Andrea Savall

Fashion designer: Andrea Cháfer

Model: Aina Reig, Isabel Écija, Patricia Palazón, Dani Pérez-Cuadrado

Thanks to Paper Boat