Dream Rockwell is the definition of visionary. As Founder of Lucent Dossier Experience and Co-Founder of Lightning in a Bottle, her internationally renowned dreamscapes cornerstone an era of conscious entertainment and community. Dream's limitless creativity fosters freedom of character, expression, and boundless artistry as demonstrated by the otherworldly experience she creates for her audiences.

Since the birth of Lucent Dossier Experience one decade ago, Dream has led a unique league of performance artists towards prolific horizons; a year long residency at Los Angeles' iconic The Edison lounge, continually opening for Cirque du Soleil, and headlining LIB, a festival inspired by their brand of Wild. In summary, permission to play is what Dream gifts to us. As she piles her plate high with game changing concepts and innovative opportunities, Dream inspires us to indulge our talents and to invest in the 'impossible'.


In WildSpice Magazine's exclusive interview with Dream Rockwell alongside members of Lucent Dossier, we learn how what were once dreams came to be thriving reality. We seek the dynamics of collaborative vision. We take a peek into the rehearsal space where we soon find that Wild is the native tongue. And we preview what can be expected from a live Lucent performance through the lens of videographer August Bradley.

Kicking off a 16 city tour, Lucent Dossier heads to Coachella's Gobi stage on Sunday night to burn retinas with ethereal imagery and blow minds with body bending technique. Catch them in NYC opening for Cirque, at CA's Lightning in a Bottle, or check out their full tour schedule here to find them in a city near you.


About the Videographer

Talltree is a freelance videographer by trade. His specialty? Creating honest art. "The challenge is recognizing what you truly feel and then figuring out a way to express it in a pure form, without filtering too much of the original feeling in the process. The beauty though is that the piece will most likely change into something you weren't expecting, expressing and meaning more than what you began with." See more of his work at Talltree.co


About the Creative Director

Alyssa Aparicio is Creative Director of WildSpice. She graduated from Vassar College in 2011 with a BA in Anthropology and Hispanic Studies. Alyssa is a New York native currently based in Los Angeles. COO of The Carnavalesque Awakening & Beauty Movement. As dancer she is a performs samba, belly dance, burlesque, and hip hop. She dedicates her movement to empowering the pussy, and all those who have one between their legs. AlyssaAparicio.com