I am intelligent. I have no problem recognizing that.

In fact, living in a society that constantly devalues my worth, my beauty and my intelligence, it’s actually kind of revolutionary to recognize the assets that I, as a Black girl, possess.

I am intelligent.

You mad?

It seems that intelligentBlack and girl can’t go hand in hand. You must be White, or a man.


You, my fellow, intelligent Black girl, probably grew up feeling you weren’t good enough—and films, and TV, and books, and racist classmates—and teachers—probably made sure you ended up believing every stereotype that was said about you and your race.


Black people can’t be intelligent. Black girls can’t be intelligent. You cannot be intelligent....


Every kid in the classroom is allowed to be ‘less-good’ at something... Not you.


You must be perfect in every way— and even so, I’ll find something about you that you have no control over and harass you because of it.

This is to make you believe you’re not good enough: to prove that you and your people are less trained for things like education, or academia.

Ever heard of a Black scholar? You people are delusional—but you can always be my backbone, though.

You can be my sassy, BLACK friend any time. Be ghetto and we’ll have a laugh. We love you, BLACK friend.


Never just friend. BLACK friend.


And wait, do you actually enjoy reading? You must be WHITE on the inside. 

(And yes, WHITE is a compliment. Who wouldn’t want to be WHITE?)


Now… you probably find backlash and opposition whenever you recognize your intelligence, your beauty, your worth.



                                                                 It’s threatening.


This thing you’re doing is a revolutionary act, an act of political warfare: you’re defying centuries of enslavement and oppression ingrained in our psyche: you were designed to be the mule of the world, the mammy, the target of every joke—you’re not even human. 

Your empowerment might lead others like you to believe they’re beautiful, intelligent, or even valuable.



This world isn’t meant for people like you to thrive.  

We won’t allow you into academia, nor into our institutions.  And whenever we do, it’ll be just to bully you in every single way, until you fall into depression and die. Alone. Asyou should. As any other women like you should. 

Your existence is dangerous. We don’t want you here.


This is the reality of an intelligent, Black woman.

The world may not understand us but, still, we rise.

Here’s to us.


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Hannah Soraya is a college freshman who loves music, food and traveling. She hopes to become a great voice in the future and inspire others through her writing. When she is not writing for TeenDiaries.net or helping within the Afrodescendants Organization of her campus, she likes to engage in political discussions, reading Bell Hooks or listening to North African music. Follow her on Instagram and Youtube