A new place encourages all kinds of curiosities; we look closer, we gaze longer, we're inclined to see beauty where we might not in our daily lives.

We stop and meditate on the monuments we've only seen in movies and post cards, reveling in how much bigger or smaller things seemed compared to our ever-so virginal imaginations. 

In addition to the seemingly cliched tourist indulgences, a new place offers different textures, colors and fabrics, offering us opportunities to explore how many palates the world paints with. A new place reminds us to look closer in the old, and to pause and revel in the new. 


Amanda Crommett is a New York City based photographer with a degree in Film & Cinema Studies and interest in everything from portrait work to album design to photojournalism. She recently committed to wanderlust and will spend most of the next year traveling the world and hopes to continue to dedicate her life to sharing the world through art. She's currently working on a long term documentary portrait project about bliss that will explore dreams, passion and ambition in young people around the world through photographic prose and poem.