As a first timer at the 2nd annual Temple Days, the biggest trip wasn’t a 3 hour drive into the desert but the fact that this familiar experience was created within a building. Without the packing, hours drive, and sense of newness one feels at the first sight of an open field on the ride out of a big city to Lightning in a Bottle, it was almost jarring. To arrive at the door of Wanderlust Hollywood and be met with the vibe of the Temple made the wheels spin in my mind… could this feeling be accessible even in this urban setting?

In a place notorious for its tendency to be fake, Hollywood was the scene of this urban getaway for truth seekers. 4 stories of a departure from the normal Saturday. Meeting old friends and connecting with strangers, multiple yoga and dance classes, opening your heart, taking in sun, experiencing new art, exploring new subjects. All in the most welcoming of a space, Wanderlust Hollywood. Its large windows complete with view to the sky (ok and maybe some construction) and bright open rooms in which to stretch out and learn allowed for the perfect home for an LIB pre party.

Attendees weren’t crusted in dust, half (or fully) naked, nor were there extravagant light displays. Yet, without the “distractions” of festival dramatization, there was undoubtedly that familiar feeling of camaraderie. That knowledge that each person around you longed to go deeper. That infinite sense that there is so much to be learned, so much to be celebrated. Over the course of the day, it became clearer to me that this foundation unites this community even without costume and within a different circumstance.

Arriving and immediately wandering into Rochelle Schiek’s Qoya class, we were navigated directly from mind and into body.  A collective catharsis began to unravel us and plug us into something greater. Rather than the thoughts whirring around our minds as we got off the 101 just minutes before, bodily wisdom began to lead. The underlying teaching of Qoya is that “through movement we remember, we remember our essence is wise, wild, and free”. And through this session of meditative yet wild dancing, we were unlocked and in a state of openness that would allow us to absorb the proceeding speakers and workshops in a state of wonder and gratitude.

Next a Q & A with Bashar in which he explained the importance of acting on your excitement, one by one and in the moment. Experiencing a channel-er of this nature can change one’s whole perception of what is possible. Especially reassuring as always to hear him underline the fact that “What you put out is what you get back… It’s formulas. It’s physics.”  

Angelic Breathing with Madeline Giles allowed us to channel for ourselves. Her deeply guided meditation brought us each to a space where we could elicit and communicate with the guardian angels who she insists are always around us watching over us and sending us messages constantly.

Eva Clay & Robert Kandell’s discussion of Sex & Love Games gave us each a new perspective on the ways we avoid telling ourselves and our partners the truth about our feelings and authentic selves. Powerful eye gazing and sharing activities connected us as a community in search of deepening our potential for partnership and intimacy.

Conscious vendors included HoneyColony with their line of superfoods and CBD oil complete with commitment to high quality, honest products. Also present was Sanae Intoxicants Hand-blended Natural Perfumes with natural, hand blended perfumes.

With a closing yoga and dance party led by FreQ Nasty of Yoga of Bass followed by DJ Tasha Blank, the process of blossoming and then celebrating said blossoming was realized. All on one of the first days of spring well before the onset of festival season. What a beautiful day overflowing with gratitude for the present moment.

And that was just the sampler! We can’t wait to see you at this year’s Lightning in a Bottle. Check out the lineup and get your tickets here: LIB 2016

Written by Alyssa Aparicio

Photography by Kelli Radwanski