We're introducing to our readers a monthly tarot card spread by LA healer and tarot reader, Jessica. When done correctly, the process can sometimes be extremely insightful and inspiring and so Jessica has joined the WildSpice team to bring some expertise and context to our readers and into this world. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, the first monthly spread is about LOVE.

Madonna reading Tarot

Madonna reading Tarot

In my monthly articles, I will focus on themes that we all struggle with. How perfect to begin with one of the most asked-about themes: love!

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching I have developed a new spread I call the “Heart Spread.” This isn’t a new spread by any means, but I have taken tips from others and changed how the placement of each card drawn relates back to this month’s topic.

For many, this holiday may seem like just another sham to get us to buy more greeting cards, chocolates and make reservations at super expensive restaurants. For others, it may be the only time of year we make a huge effort to show someone we care for [through material means] exactly what they mean to us.

While this might leave a bad taste in the mouth for some, I have learned to make this day about so much more than materialism and consumerism. Remember: this is just one day out of an entire year of days in which we can express to someone our love... but since so many people get into it, why not embrace the energy being put out into the world? Why not harness that energy in whatever way we feel speaks to us?

For this tarot spread I pulled a total of nine cards in a very specific order, laid out to evoke the feeling that the universe is trying to relate—through me—to all of you.

What theme did I come up with this month? Being open and available.

Love is all about being open to it. There are so many ways in which we can be loved, feel loved or show love to others. Whether it be romantic, in friendship, to family, or simply through random interactions we encounter, it is always important to “stop and smell the roses”. A silly phrase, to be sure, but it speaks to opening your perspective.

The Heart Spread

The positions are outlined to show exactly what each one means. Let’s start with our base card, in the heart of it all: The Queen of Pentacles.


The Queen of Pentacles 

The Queen of Pentacles 

The Queen of Pentacles

This very feminine card speaks directly to this month’s theme: availability. When it comes to love, this is the woman you want to be—luxurious, happy, giving (and, if you take a closer look, she’s holding her hands behind her back as if she has a surprise for us).

As a pentacle, this Queen also addresses the materialism surrounding this holiday. However, it isn’t a bad thing: for who doesn’t love giving their loved one(s) something special or— even better—receiving a token of how you are loved. Keep in mind, we can be blinded by the glitz if we do not take into consideration the intentions that come with these materialistic gifts. Still, I have a very good feeling about this card, so enjoy whatever is given to you— and celebrate!




The Five of Pentacles and the Ten of Pentacles

The two cards slightly above The Queen speak to our thoughts, aspirations, fears, and spirit. Behind her sits the Ten of Pentacles and, in front, the Five of Pentacles, upside-down. Both of these are great cards. They indicate that we have been influenced to want comfort and connection. The woman in the card is holding a pentacle and open to sharing it with the world—another sign to Be Open! While the Five of Pentacles upside-down may seem ominous, it actually reveals something we all fear: rejection. With this card faced upside-down, I envision this leading to a really good place, because we have to let go of this fear. Keeping one’s love and adoration for another to oneself, for fear of rejection, will never amount to reciprocated love. So, this year, when you ask someone to be your Valentine, be confident and courageous that making your feelings known will open doors for you to find love in new places.

The Moon & The King of Wands

The Moon

The Moon

Behind and in front of our Queen, we have the Moon and the King of Wands, both upside down. Each plays an important role in our growth in life. We have all had our bad relationships, our “downs” with a significant other. The Moon in this orientation may represent the baggage you’ve been carrying with you: this is the time to let it all go. Those situations are in the past (along with how we dealt with them). Hold on to the lessons learned, but don’t continue to let them shape your story. We possess the ability to change our past and reshape our perspective—that’s what time does for us. So, wear that baggage as a badge of honor that you came out the other side a stronger person, or a stronger unit, with your love.

Only then can you head toward the King of Wands, upside-down. This card is all about growth and patience. He is a great omen for anyone looking for love or already in a relationship. This card is showing us that in order to be in a long-lasting relationship, there takes some finesse, patience, and wisdom. We now know when to pick our battles, unlike we thought we did with the Moon. Things aren’t being hidden in the darkness anymore, and we can be confident.


The Foundation: The Devil, The Four of Swords, The Six of Swords

The Devil

The Devil

This leads us to our three foundational cards: from left to right they show where we have been, where we are now, and what we heading toward. All three faced upside-down only shows me that these energies are being given special attention by all of us now. These cards bear a strict warning: if we do not open up and consistently, frequently show others what they mean to us, then we will ultimately come to a point of feeling trapped. The ‘grass is always greener’ scenario: whether you are in a relationship or single, we all eventually arrive here if we are not honest, and don’t maintain healthy lines of communication with the ones closest to us.

Don’t fall into the Devil’s trap here: our Four of Swords is a solitary woman, fiery but lonely—and the Devil may seem like a good time—but they are both illusions, sitting atop our final card, the Six of Swords.

Relationships of all kinds are based on compromise and letting go of our own ego. In this card we see her letting go of a bird, with open palms to the sky. From these three cards, keep your inner foundation strong, and take these words of wisdom:. be open, communicate, and be true to yourself always.


The Knight of Cups

I’ll end this with a final overall card I pulled for Valentine’s Day, The Knight of Cups.

This is the sexiest card in the deck. Do you ladies remember the old fairy tales of finding a knight in shining armor to sweep you off your feet? Well, here he is! This Knight in Shining Armor is a great omen for prospects of love this Valentine’s Day. Let not your emotions become too overwhelming, and do not become blinded by the glitzy romance emanating from this card...but remember, sometimes it’s okay to live the fairytale fantasy—especially on a night such as February 14th!

Keep yourself open, with a brand new perspective, and receive the love that is all around us. In the weeks leading up to V-Day, really delve deep to let go of your fears, baggage, and ego. Be open to taking the ride and appreciative of love, however it comes to you.




Love is in the air for us all, and it all starts within us.


Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!

Jess DP is a healer, tarot reader and well known geek. You can find her on Facebook or contact her directly for readings at TarotbyJDP@gmail.com. She has found that her healing abilities are best expressed through tarot readings and it is something the universe has chosen for her. Being open to growth isn't always easy but she is here to help give you the guidance needed to being the best version of you possible!