Symbiosis may have come to a close weeks ago, but has it truly ended for you? Have you allowed it to trickle into the back of your memory like a hazy dream? During the weekend we had more than one moment when we promised ourselves things wouldn’t be the same when we returned. Did you?

If so we'd like to share some simple ways to jog that feeling of euphoria back to the forefront of your mind. Start now and open the gates for the experience to resonate with you just as deeply as the week you returned home.


Here are 6 actions that can establish visceral reminders of the ever impactful Symbiosis Gathering:



Continue to Learn

    Symbiosis is not a period at the end of summer, it is an ellipses… beckoning you to incorporate inspiring newness into the future that awaits. It is a gathering of like minded artists and creative thinkers… that also exist outside of the festival parenthesis of a weekend. By seeking out these teachers and artists, we allow ourselves to continue supporting this culture of transformation to make a lasting impact on ourselves and our society, rather than making an exception for one weekend a year. Did you have a yoga class that changed your life? Did you hear a speech that stirred you? Make it tangible in your real life. Go ahead and support Saul Williams revolutionary poetry by buying one of his  books. Seek out Dancehall Queen Shiva Ware and subscribe to her YouTube channel for inspiring videos and to applaud her movement. Listen to talks by Yoga of Bass on their Soundcloud. Order a mindblowing print from Hans Walor as a visual reminder that anything is possible.



Meditate on a Photo

    Studies show that meditating upon our meaningful photos often allow us to experience the feelings associated with these photographs on a deeply resonating level. By placing a photo from Symbiosis somewhere visible, or accessible, like on your phone, and intentionally meditating on this photograph daily, you can revisit the feelings of euphoria and purpose you felt in the moment it was taken. Who wouldn't want to remember that feeling of the midday sun reflecting off of the lake everyday?



Create a Playlist

    Chances are you heard some new music at Symbiosis that rocked your boat. Whether it was the breathtaking, mystical voice of Deya Dova or the trance inducing rhythms of Stellamara, there was tons of musicovery going on for 4 days straight. But it doesn’t have to stop there! Create a playlist that will remind you of your new and old favorites from performers at Symbiosis or find one that others have made on Soundcloud, Spotify or 8Tracks. You can continue to discover new music even after Woodward Reservoir is back to its normal state of silence. Why not listen to this playlist of favorites we’ve curated for you:



Create a Ritual

    How committed are you to feeling like your most ecstatic self daily? Enough to carve out just a few minutes for you to stir up the feeling in yourself? Whether its being outside at least once a day,intentionally viewing a sunrise or sunset, or taking time to disconnect from social media once a week, much of the invigorating feeling of being at a festival comes from severing our daily habits and cultivating the ability to be present. If we can make these practices part of our everyday experience, we will have succeeded at really taking something back home with us, rather than yearning for that festival experience as if it were a drug. Adding these elements into regular life creates a more sustainable relationship with festival life. Create a ritual that will return you to the synchronistic state of flow you experienced at Symbiosis. You can do so by asking yourself,  "What is it that I miss most about life at Symbiosis?"



Revisit Reflections

Certain lessons we learn and thoughts that strike our mind like lightning get recorded for remembrance and others float instantaneously away, never to reveal themselves again. Revisiting recorded revelations can prevent us from slipping back into doldrums that we once gained insight on how to avoid. We can even craft daily affirmations that act as poetic reminders of reflections we had on site.

One contributor, Elias Zwang painted a beautiful picture in his stirring reflection written early one morning at the Empire of Love:

September comes into my consciousness in waves, in storms, in sudden breezes and long sunsets, always too soon. It is the the season of harvest. It is the time of the equinox. The beginning of the end. The Symbiosis Gathering gathers itself at this time of transition, on the brink of everything, when the word symbiosis brings to mind acceptance of life’s seasonality, its fragility, and its constant change. The location: a dry, dusty peninsula jutting out into the noticeably depleted Woodward reservoir in the middle of California’s parched central valley. Every speck of dust and bone-dry cattail is a reminder of life’s inherent vulnerability, the threat it faces from human beings, and the threats human beings face from each other when critical resources become scarce. Wars have been fought for a lot less.

Situated at the crossroads of some of life’s great metaphors, Symbiosis is much more than just a music festival. It is a moment of spiritual truth-seeking, of intentional communality, of 10,000 individual streams of water suddenly becoming one torrential river, raging over the emotional blockages that once dominated their paths, pulled towards the promise of spiritual transcendence through the experience of art.  If only for a few days, its revelers attempt to summon a collective consciousness, yes, to celebrate great music and visual art, but also to imbue the celebration with a sense of reverence, of hope, and even of worship.

                                                                                                                                                                    -Elias Zwang

Revisit reflections often and craft them into daily affirmations for a long lasting effect.


Watch This Official Recap:

Revisit this magical land that was created and broken down all for one weekend of euphoria... and of course for the memories that will last ever after.

Written by WildSpice Co-Founder Alyssa Aparicio. Follow her @Flash_The_Abyss

Photos by Kosuke Haga. Follow him on Facebook or check out his blog