she is battleborn

like a mountain in the winter

she stands unabashed

waiting for the nasty winds

and the creeping clouds

she kneels,

pushing her shins deeper into the dirt

burying elbows beneath earth

head tucked, neck exposed in confidence

she lays balled

a breathing boulder in the desert

she is battleborn 

someone once told me that the thing they loved most about new york city were the water towers atop each roof, and how together, this skyline of water towers, created a narrative more interesting than the famous line of buildings that scrape the sky

there is a cityscape and there is a country-scape

where empty gas stations are the natural pauses in the narrative of the empty skyline

and passing trains build and fade in suspenseful climax

i understand the country-scape because i understand the person who enjoys the emptiness of a 24-hour diner at 3am and the brimming expansion of a desert sky

Cebe Loomis is a recent Vassar graduate with a degree in Anthropology and hopes to dedicate her career to further exploring the power of anthropological photography as a form of art activism. Specializing in ethnographic photo essays, Loomis has conducted research in various countries, from exploring the street art movements in India, Senegal, Argentina and Germany, to exploring the deeply rooted nationalism still present in Cuba's socio-economic framework today, to illuminating the hopes and fears of a group of boys graduating from high school in Malibu, California.  Link to Cebe Loomis' photography blog: