As if Lightning in a Bottle could get any better, now introducing:


The glorious rains of this winter season have allowed the previously dry valleys of Lake San Antonio to fill with life giving water. This new addition to the festival grounds will provide great relief from the desert heat of Memorial Day Weekend in Bradley, CA. Perhaps is Mother Earth's way of sending appreciation for the fact that LIB has received the Greener Festival "Outstanding Award" for five consecutive years. Let the swimming commence!

As a whole, LIB provides a sense of community united in resolve for a more consciously created tomorrow. If you feel like the political climate of the past year has taken a toll on you, perhaps Lightning in a Bottle will be the hug and the push you've been longing for as encouragement  to continue on a seemingly uphill road.  Surround yourself with the energy of love and positivity as we unite on this path towards progressive change on a mass scale. 

At this transformational festival, you may choose to spend your day feeding your mind, body, and soul with nourishing messages and offerings of support in the form of music, nature, discussion, human interaction, and physical movement. Whether you should choose to join in on a belly dance class or a fermentation workshop you will have access to learning conscious lifestyle techniques new and ancient. However you should decide to enjoy your experience, the overarching infusion of eco consciousness, positive vibes, and heartfelt art will undoubtedly inspire you to tap into your creative potential.


Should you decide the dance the entire weekend away, you will not be disappointed by your auditory options. With a lineup that includes Bomba Estereo, Kaytranada, Rufüs du Sol, Bob Moses, Jhené Aiko, and Bassnectar, El Papachango, and Jeremy Sole, your days and nights are guaranteed to be filled with joyous release. 

So if not now, when? Join us at LIB 2017! Get your tickets HERE.


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