In the ancient tongue, Sanskrit, Shambhala refers to a celestial dwelling of a buddha or bodhisattva, and is commonly interpreted as “a place of peace, tranquility, happiness”.

While it can’t promise to bestow eternal enlightenment, Shambhala Music Festival, returning for its 18th year this August, does its damndest to pony up the rest.

For four days, festival-goers will unite for an unforgettable encounter at Salmo River Ranch, British Columbia, frolicking in and along the green grass and rolling river.

This year’s lineup includes the likes of Skrillex, Pretty Lights, Lucent Dossier Experience, Bonobo, Datsik, and THE DJ Jazzy Jeff—just to name a handful. Six stages, each carefully curated by a tastemaker of the Canadian music scene, deliver a wide array of highly-individualized musicality and personality.

Beyond the music, you can expect fully-immersive experiences of dance, yoga, performance art, and more. Not to mention, there’s the freedom to indulge in the naturally effervescent ambience of Salmo: getting down with nature and interacting with the river to your heart’s content.

What’s better than a festival with a built-in opportunity to get soaking wet?

Created with sustainable, eco-friendly intention, Shambhala strives to produce as little waste as possible, and designs a responsible system dedicated to fueling the growth of a more conscious community. Furthermore, they allow zero corporate sponsorship: a clear display of a firm commitment to their grassroots beginning.

See for yourself:


Can you feel the Shambha-love? 

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