We present to you, a deep dive into the art of Tribal Fusion Belly Dance through our in depth recap of the Hawaii Retreat with Zoe Jakes & Kami Liddle.

Picture this: you receive the opportunity to disappear off of the map and immerse yourself entirely in your passion, do you take it? 

Seven full days into the jungles of The Big Island of Hawaii to dedicate your entire focus to a deep dive into the art form that keeps your heart pulsating. You disappear into the lush greenery of Hawaiian rainforest to indulge in a thorough immersion into said art, intimately guided by masters of your craft. 

In summary, this is the Hawaii Retreat with Zoe Jakes & Kami Liddle.

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Videographer: Talltree

Talltree is a freelance photographer and videographer by trade. His specialty? Creating honest art. "The challenge is recognizing what you truly feel and then figuring out a way to express it in a pure form, without filtering too much of the original feeling in the process. The beauty though is that the piece will most likely change into something you weren't expecting, expressing and meaning more than what you began with."

See more of his work at Talltreetreeoflight.com.


Creative Director: Alyssa Aparicio


Alyssa writes to live life twice. As visual artist and writer, she applies her study of anthropology to the exploration of sacred dance and the cultural phenomenon of the modern music festival. Alyssa is Creative Director & Co Founder of WildSpice Magazine and Co-Founder of Flash The Abyss.