It was the soft haze of one long listless day after another. Seeking, searching within for something or the other to release me. Merge with sea, sol, cielo. Fire and fragments of shells washed upon the shore. De bajo de la luna llena I am Goddess — hear me writhe. Beneath my own skin I leap forth — ever struggling to be known, if only to myself.

If only las estrellas podrian decir si me oyen. 

View this ethereal, dance concept-film inspired by, and featuring, the song "Diaro de Viaje" by Federico Aubele.

Tired of the congestion of the city, and overwhelmed by fatigue of commercial artistry, Alyssa and Erik escaped South to dig their toes into something deeper. The result: an artifact of their time away and an ode to una temporada mas allá con tiempo para ir mas adentro. Filmed in Baja California, Diario de Viaje (Diary of a Journey) is the act of dipping our toes in the stillness of time away from the world that whirs around us. As dancer Alyssa Aparicio carves bottomless days into meaningful ritual and self care, she searches to seize this opportunity to mend an estranged relationship with the earth, sea, sky, and stars. Basking in her own unfiltered flow of divine feminine movement, she loses herself in the pleasure of syncing her own rhythms with cosmic time.

Lyrics & Translation

El día se va,

El azul se oscurece aquí,

El día que se va,

Y los sonidos se pierden así.

La cálida inmensa,

Orillas de un vasto mar,

Los barcos que parten ya,

Marcando el principio y el final...

Y justo cuando empiezo a cantar,

El mundo comienzo a girar,

La primavera queda atrás.

Y los tonos cambian ya.

No se que quedará,

Tampoco que es lo que se irá,

No se,

No se que es lo que quedará.

Pero nada, nada se detendrá.

The day has gone,

The blue darkens here,

The day, it has gone,

And its sounds are lost with it.

The immense heat,

The shores of a vast ocean,

The boats, they already leave,

Marking the beginning and the end...

And just when I begin to sing,

The world begins to spin,

The spring is back.

And the tones have already changed.

I don’t know what will stay,

Nor what it is that will go,

I don’t know,

I don’t know what it is that will stay,

But nothing, nothing will stop.


Alyssa creates to live life twice. As a professional dancer and dance instructor in addition to writer, she applies her study of anthropology to her life work exploring sacred dance. From SXSW to Lightning in a Bottle, Electric Zoo to EDC, she has traveled extensively performing in and writing about her experiences at the world's most anticipated festivals. Alyssa is Creative Director & Co Founder of WildSpice Magazine and Art Director of The Carnavalesque Beauty Movement.


Talltree is a freelance photographer and videographer by trade. His specialty? Creating honest art. "The challenge is recognizing what you truly feel and then figuring out a way to express it in a pure form, without filtering too much of the original feeling in the process. The beauty though is that the piece will most likely change into something you weren't expecting, expressing and meaning more than what you began with."

See more of his work at or follow him on Tumblr.

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