Enchanted Forest Festival is occurring this weekend in Northern California, and I guarantee you, this is not one you would want to miss.  The music is incendiary, the speakers are educational, and undeniably interesting, and yogis will be traveling from all ends of the world to bring you their transformative magic.  Celebrated as NorCal's "premiere conscious living, music, and movement festival", this event takes place on the hallowed ground of Black Oak Ranch, known for its history with Grateful Dead and other heavy hitters. 

Headliners include Shpongle, the Polish Ambassador, PantyRaid, and Aylo Nereo. Some of the workshops include Therapetuic Lap Dancing, the Sensual Art of Spanking (oh my!), the Conscious Carnivore, Conscious Speed Dating, Make Love Like a Goddess, a class in Environmental Studies and Thai Massages. I can't fail to mention that there will also be a Dr. Bronner's Foam Party combined with amazing techno beats occurring all day long. There will be art sculptures galore, conscious creatives, and a friendly sharing atmosphere that can be found within the culture of those who attend conscious festivals. 


If you do plan on making the well worthy journey up to Medocino County, the creators of Enchanted Forest suggest that you bring a gift along! An idea would be to make a beautiful sign to put next to your tent with an uplifting message, or positive affirmation, like "YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! Or FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS, YOU BEAUTIFUL CREATURE! Or YOU ARE LOVE!" Just ideas, but you get the gist. With the violence, and fear based politics occurring so prevalently in the United States at the moment, we could all use some healing, and progressive inspiration on how to positively expand our influence in an unbalanced world.


Buy your tickets HERE, and get packing. We have a weekend filled with magic to partake in!