Crown Plaza tests the boundaries of creating abstract art while still remaining intimate. Cary Fagan captured the many different aspects of Jacqueline Salinas with an acute minimalism that makes the collaboration that much stronger. Nothing but chemistry between two creative bodies and one hotel room. 

About the Photographer

Cary Fagan, TX

Some things weren’t meant to be, and when you add alcohol with mixed emotions your mind can torture your soul. With abstractive influence, and minimal tendencies this series reflects the mind in a reclusive state; fading fantasies morphed into dark thoughts. 

Thoughts were reveled at 3:06 A.M. 

*opens text message*

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About the Model

Jacqueline A. Salinas, TX

As a sociology major I have developed an interest in the idea of abstract reconstruction of any given situation. In mind, I wanted my shoot with Cary to express the bruised thoughts I was undergoing at the time in an elegant dreamlike sequence. These photos are the aftermath of an intimate expression of intangible emotions each of us explored.