You kiss me, 

we sweat, 

we make love, 

you make my skin holy. 

You're so delicious. 

Let the spices of our soul carry on

the LOVE we want

the LOVE we craved for

the ONLY love that matters!

It could be yours you know...

I'll write and read all day. 

I'll make you fall in love with me

just 'cause you let me. 

You crack a smile from afar 

and bite your tongue and lower lip. 


We fuck all night until dusk; 

counting the coffee cups and numerous jays. 

We play for hours ignoring the clock; 

until we wake up naked on the sofa. 

Your arms around my neck begging me to pull your hips harder and closer. 


Yeah I'm that good but these are just words. 

I'm teasing you. 

Jean-Marie Trichot has a bachelors degree in French Literature and a masters in English Linguistics, Literature and Civilization. He's French, but can't help writing in English. Jean-Marie has always been fond of "the study of language" and believes that what he writes the most about is the way that we communicate with ourselves and the world with words aiming at the heart of Life. Follow Jean-Marie's blog here and read more of his work