I somehow managed to bloom

In this assumed cruel terrarium:

Because though the clouds would

Cover the rays,

They still penetrated through.

And though the hard days would

Bring tears,

The rain quenched my thirst for growth.

The crippling weathers of my past days

Made me all the more beautiful.

One Thing

Find that "one thing."

Live it every, single, fucking day.

Learn to love all of the shit that is going to come with loving it unconditionally.

Be with it (because you need it).

Let it consume every particle of you so that every day will be your best.

Trust it (because you have no choice).

Be passionate (because what is life without it?).

Take Five

The slow rhythm of the rise and fall of the cleansed belly

Jumped with the beat of her heart.

Her spine ached with the pulls of all of the to-do's she still needed to do.

The skin pulsing with the recalibration of Mother Nature's bipolar disorder.

Her mind soothed with the refreshed scent of the foreshadowed tomorrow.

But when she closed her eyes she saw only black.

The daunting and spaceless abyss that only offers time for

Prolonged procrastination and the perpetual sound of alarm chimes.

"Come and stay a little longer," He says. "I will give you a minute, while I take five."



Sarah Bey is a full time student at Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas. She is also a freelance poet and is interested in religion, social media, film, travel, penguins, and all things Texas.