Apologize too often, or never, there is no in between.


Do not assume you are on the same level, that is not how this works, always be talking up or down.


When she says things need to change, she obviously means herself.


Don’t want her, thats not enough, you have to need her.


Laugh at her dreams because they are not yours.


Give her everything until nothing is left for you. That’s what love is. 


Make her mistakes your mistakes and make your mistakes her mistakes.


When her family calls you a gringo, or a cracka, do not laugh along with them, get pissed.


Always get pissed.


When things go badly, she becomes an object, an airline seat cushion on your sinking plane. Try not to care how deep the water gets, as long as you’re afloat.


Always stay afloat.

Jeremy Ashton is a writer, actor, creative thinker and coffee addict currently pursuing his Master's in English at St. Johns University. He is passionate about good writing, good people, creating art with friends and working for equality in this crazy world.  To contact him or see more of Jeremy's work, visit his site here.