You are a water-colored frame of art that is composed of all

of the things that are right in this world and the next.





I dare you to rest in your skin.

I dare you to trace every

imperfection and remember all of the

memories that brought them about.

I dare you to stare at yourself in that

mirror and to not try to find anything.

Just be still and listen to the course

of their blood.


The same blood that ran when you

were a child of youth and the same

babe that did not yet know pain.


Yet, here you remain,

A survivor.


So wear your skin with no shame;

Put all bets on your happiness in place,

because you are the risk that

you take every day.



And there you were:

standing in the introduction,

your silhouette blackened with the

blocked memories of the past.


With each beat

you developed and grew,

and memories began to flash

through your darkened figure, bringing

a new light.


A song that wasn’t used

by the girl who thought she held a

groundbreaking stance, and knew

that this was her chance to express






Sarah Bey is a full time student at Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas. She is also a freelance poet and is interested in religion, social media, film, travel, penguins, and all things Texas.