I woke from sleep as if I knew there was a presence around me.  I looked out the window, a finger's length from the bed, and there he was: his face pressed up against the glass, his eyes staring so intently at me. As I waited the forty-five, excruciating minutes until the police arrived, I kept the emergency operator on the phone with me as I wept and wondered, is he trying to come in and kidnap me? Who is this stranger? What is going through his mind? Is he harmful? How long did he watch me sleep? Does he know I am alone? Is he still there waiting in the darkness? 

When the cops finally arrived they did one full sweep of the perimeter and when they found no one there, they told me it was probably just the result of a bad dream.

I had nightmares about this man for many months after the incident, nightmares where he entered the house and found me at the foot of my bed.

He had violated my space, and entered my most sacred being. I was exposed, I felt fear and I had to prove myself, as the cops said it was all but a nightmare. How is it that something so traumatic could leave me with the need to prove myself? 


In need of expression and validation, I sought to reclaim this power—that others had taken from me—through my art. My sanctuary, my spirit, and my soul had been compromised, and I was letting this experience live and dwell in my sacred space.

When we suffer trauma, it can live on in our bodies, so it is important to find some form of release. Predator was a means to process my trauma. When I transformed the incident into Predator, I was able to separate myself enough for my mind to move past that moment, and to stop reliving it. By channeling this ordeal into a concept video, I was able to release it into a different dimension of my space, where it is neither denied nor does it come to define my core self or my sanctuary.



Imani Quinn will be holding an event June 6th 2015 at Griffith Park in Los Angeles CA. There will be a Women Soul Circle, which is a place for women to come together and connect through personal stories and guided discussions. The topic of discussion for this event will be “Reclaiming your Power” where she will talk about the power of art as a way of expressing experiences, as well as a guided meditation. For more information on this event visit www.imaniquinn.com