Free Will

Choose to wander in wonder.


Choose to live by exploration not

through another.


Choose to perform selfless acts to

find yourself.


Choose the greatest force—

that is Love.



He led me to this very second—

the hands ticked

to this very moment

where I now sit in peace.


I am his piece of time.


The sands

of the hourglass,

calm and resting,


in the dawn

of another

Texas day.


The trees

with their green, green leaves

watch with such poise that

I simply don’t know what to say back.


The mosquitoes greet this

new, flushed skin

with such vigor, that

the animals just let them

run in their rivers.



Criss-crossed and bent over,

I sit and ponder



My mind speaks


And it is in these rare occasions of


in this natural,



   that I love so much.



We are all flowers;

We need not

Compete for sunlight.


Sarah Bey is a full time student at Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas. She is also a freelance poet and is interested in religion, social media, film, travel, penguins, and all things Texas.

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