I pierced my nipple because I wanted to feel deliberately. To live deep and suck all the pleasure out of life. I was really bored. Tired of my body in its pristine form. Tired of caring for every inch and of being a blank canvas. What might offend? What might get in the way of work? Blah blah blah...

In the midst of these doldrums, I ran into an old friend who had proudly just gotten her nipples re-pierced. She pulled her top down to bare her metal hoops in the way only an old friend can reveal a naughty secret. "It just makes everything better" she gushed. "You will feel the tingle of the breeze... and OH the ocean!" Do I even need to mention the sexual advantages?

I was intrigued to say the least.


The next day I sat knees dangling, topless in a St. Marks Place head shop. Only then did it dawn on me that I hadn't really thought it through. What if I hated it and was stuck with an extended nipple for the rest of time? What if it would impair the fragile nerve endings of my breast and in the pursuit of deeper pleasure, I instead encountered the abyss of numbness?


But as the needle plunged through my sweet spot and i felt tearing tissue, I breathed deeply, reveling in the momentary suspension of pain. There it was, the deed was done. I left the shop laughing my way towards Astor Place and shaking my head at my own absurdity. //Feels so good to be bad// knowing that no one had any idea my left nipple throbbed with a newly earned adornment.


I arrived home and ran to a mirror to take a good look at what I'd done.


Love at first sight. The way the silver knobs punctuated my round fragile flesh was intoxicating. The constant awareness of my nipple, its sensitivity and soreness were reminders I basked in for the days and weeks to come. Like a love bite feeds you flashbacks of fresh transgression, the sting foreshadowed naughty fun to come.

Too many times I silently begged the ceiling for a guy to put them in his mouth. To give my tits, however small, the quality attention they deserve. Problem annihilated. A nipple ring is a tongue magnet. And a direct portal to the pussy's pleasure. While I was told I shouldn't let anyone play with it for a year…it may as well have been a green light because there ain't no stopping it now.

My favorite part of a hookup has swiftly become the moment of discovery. Fingers find and lips go searching. First a look of surprise, then a pause for a second glance to confirm that, yes, that did just happen. Fast track to ohh lalaland. He licks, sucks and tugs away as my eyes roll back in utter bliss.

I don't know how this secret has been kept from us for so long. Or maybe it wasn’t and I was just the last to know. But allow me to reiterate, a nipple ring, and the myriad of fun jewelry to indulge in thereafter, is a surefire way to spice up your life. And never have I ever been a bigger fan of running water.

Just sayin'.

Written by Gitana Spice