Take it all in.


Feel the prickle of the breeze on your arms, the firm ground below your feet, the bigness of the sky above you. Stand up tall to unfold yourself, opening every inch to the wide world around you. Taste the air as it hits the back of your throat and savor the cool crispness. Pull the air into your lungs, spreading your ribs and filling you up. Be careful not to float away.


Let it all go.


Shrug off the weight of the world. Forget about the deadlines and the headaches and the musts. Push away the memory of that thing you said because you thought it was right in the moment, but now regret. Shut out the grumbling rumbles of self-doubt and wariness that keep you just this side of free and tethered to the ground. The fights and the stresses and the doubts can wait until another day. Set that burden aside, out of reach and out of mind.


Let this be enough.


You are here, you are alive, you are strong. Let that be all you need in this moment. Shrug away the wants and shoulds and needs that whisper into your ear, filling your head with discontent. You have the sun and the breeze and the ground beneath your feet. You have this moment, this little piece of the day, to simply breathe and see and feel. Let yourself fill with light, let your lungs swell with air, let yourself be happy.


Header Image: Amanda Bjorn Photography

Bridey Heing is a freelance writer living in Washington, D.C. Her interests include travel, international politics, film, and tattoos. More of her work can be seen here.