A few short months ago I was at wits end with my period. Month after month I was crippled by PMS induced depression and bent over with painful cramps that would wake me up in the middle of the night in a fit of despair. My physician insisted that I attempt birth control as a method of regulating my hormones and as a remedy to my pain. But at what cost? I wondered aloud. 

Photo Credit: Arvida Bystrom

Photo Credit: Arvida Bystrom

For years I have watched loved ones struggle with birth control induced side effects. Dramatic mood swings, depression, eating disorder, I'd seen so many adverse results I was adamant about learning everything I could before I made any rash decisions about treatment.

Empassioned, I took to Facebook to ask female friends and colleagues: 'What is your experience with Birth Control?' The number of responses I received was overwhelming. The emotions ranged from bewilderment to rage.  At the time I was dead set on writing an article comparing and contrasting these experiences and more, including extensive research on this ever controversial topic.

But something else caught my complete attention along the way. Ever inclined to holistic living and the ever questioning of incorporating synthetic hormones into my regimen, my interest was peaked when I came across a league of women who reinforced the idea that PMS and menstrual disorders DO NOT have to be the norm for the female experience. And furthermore, natural approaches can remedy the life long afflictions that are often treated by mainstream media with prescription pills.

Enter Nicole Jardim, Hormonal Health Coach, with a plethora of advice geared towards the menstruating female. To think that we have gone this long without getting a grip on the underlying issues that cause hormonal imbalance. How easy it is to press the panic button and rely on temporary, potentially life threatening treatments.

 What we learn about our bodies from the standard educational system is minimal. What we come across in magazines and media is questionable. The scariest part is that past adolescence, we often remain in the grey area of misinformation for all or the majority of our livelihood. 

As a health coach in high demand, Nicole created the 6 week Fix Your Period E-Course, an online resource providing a window into the mechanics of the female body. And most importantly, how to exist in harmony with it. This e-course is designed to help women of all ages understand her cycle, and how best to have an enriching female experience rather than one of constant discomfort and imbalance. 

As Nicole emphasizes, our first feat as women is “Letting go of addiction to struggle”. Although you may have spent most of your life considering the symptoms of your menstrual cycle to be “normal”, now is the time to realize that there is hope for an experience of ease and comfort in your future. While your gynecologist may encourage a pill or medical procedure to “cure” your body, these treatments may have more long term damage on your reproductive health than you may be aware of, as expressed in Nicole’s recent article, Why Lena Dunham is Wrong About Birth Control. Nicole is here to inform you that a myriad of options await you should you decide that you are willing to take a closer look at your body, environment, and lifestyle. Now, I am no expert on the topic of birth control- but it is always my understanding that the body's natural inclination is to heal itself. If we continue to mask our problems with quick fixes, underlying issues go unsolved and may continue to wreak havoc.

Nicole’s entire program is built around the foundation that with knowledge of your endocrinal system and of the nature of your own bioindividuality, YOU have the power to potentially heal your body and subsequently your experience with menstruation. What Nicole provides is the questions that you must ask yourself, offering tried and true options to address your personal needs. This means that she is not going to tell you what to do or reduce your life to a regime of her creation. Her aim is not for you to follow yet another fad diet, but rather to experiment for yourself.

First and foremost this program encourages you to pay close attention to your body, allowing it to direct you towards what it needs for optimal functioning. Each week a new session is released alongside an informative video presentation, countless online resources and reading recommendations, and ongoing access to an online Facebook support group with participating women. Each week a new session is released, encouraging you to follow along with the program, implementing change little by little and gaining knowledge about your body that may be crucial to your imminent healing. 

It is important to reiterate the underlying message of Nicole's work:


As Nicole explores extensively, some of our everyday habits may be the most destructive to our ability to maintain a healthy sex drive, a balanced diet, and steady emotions. Artificial sugar, refined carbs, GMOs, sugar, STRESS, caffeine, alcohol, even our cosmetics have betrayed our path to healthy living.  All these culprits and more are explored extensively in this life enhancing course. You  will be made aware of the effects these elements of your diet wreak havoc on your endocrine system and impair your biophysical functions. And after you are done being outraged, you will  learn just how to take action, regaining control of your personal ecology.

Our outward moods, perspectives, emotions are dependent upon the balance that is maintained within. Yet for far too long we have considered our body to be secondary, something to be controlled by the mind, with a 'No pain, no gain' mentality.

The female was not designed for this emphasis on exhaustion.

Photo Source: Tumblr

Photo Source: Tumblr

Nicole Jardim’s 6 week Fix Your Period E-course is for any menstruating woman who doesn’t feel at her very best and suspects that it may be linked to her cycle. The idea is to stop chronic reproductive health issues in their tracks-- addressing issues that start with “standard” PMS and painful cramps to thyroid complication and beyond.  If you’ve ever had a curiosity about how to optimize your body and flow with your cycle’s natural necessities, you will surely find this course to  be an eye opening experience.

As Nicole explains, “Our own delicate hormonal balance” is in our control as free thinkers and consumers. We can consciously choose to abandon unhealthy habits and restore ourselves to a healthier life experience.   

There is a question you must ask yourself: do you want to heal the problem from its source or do you want to mask it until it becomes a larger, potentially life threatening issue one day in your future?   What will it take from you?  Your attention and willingness to experiment with your nutrition, health regimens, and most importantly your awareness.

The body harbors your soul, puts your best foot forward, carries your message, allows you to be an active participant in the world-- to dance, to run, to make love. Isn’t it time you smother it with the same loving support it has given to you?

What this course offers is invaluable. A reeducation of your body as you know it and a plethora of resources to seek out the healthiest possible options for yourself.

About Nicole Jardim

Nicole Jardim is a certified Women's Health Coach with a specialty in hormonal and reproductive health. In her own words, "My mission is to help women reclaim their hormonal health and feminine vitality naturally. I teach as many women as I can get my hands on that their hormones don’t have to ruin their lives and I show them how to take back control of their health and their bodies." 

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